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When do I need a DIfHO® Hoof Orthopedist?

For the long term health of your horse’s hooves you need the regular care of a DIfHO® Hoof Orthopedist who will keep the hooves in overall good health and treat the cause of problems should there be any.

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DIfHO® Hoof Orthopedists receive training at the German Institute for Hoof Orthopedics (DIfHO®) in the methods of founder Jochen Biernat. They all participate in at least four mandatory advanced training classes each year at the DIfHO.

You can find all certified DIfHO® Hoof Orthopedists in your area in our DIfHO® Hoof Orthopedists directory.

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Does your horse need shoes?

Metal shoes provide protection from abrasion when the abrasion rate exceeds the rate at which the hoof can grow new horn material. This condition was common in the past and occurred when horses were used