Hoof orthopedic treatment in rehab facility

//Hoof orthopedic treatment in rehab facility

DIfHO® case studies from rehab facility

By showing you case studies from our rehab facility we want to illustrate that even problematic hoof diseases such as canker can be healed when the diseased corium is provided with the appropriate professional care it needs, accompanied by hoof orthopedic trimming.

The canker treatments documented here took place in a hoof rehab facility and with veterinary consultation. Hoof orthopedists do not offer canker treatment services outside of a rehab facility.

In the following exemplary cases, different reasons indicated that the hooves needed treatment in a rehab facility. All cases are documented until the time of release from the facility. We can present an overview of the treatment only, since there are many necessary steps in an extensive canker treatment.
With the exception of one case all hooves were cared for by one of our hoof orthopedists after being released and were fully healed.

Inflammation of the tendon sheath

The mare was lame when entering the facility. She had been diagnosed with inflammation of the tendon sheath by her owner, a veterinarian. Treatment in the facility was cut short after 5 months because of private reasons of the owner. Still, the photos can give you an impression of the result of the hoof orthopaedic [...]

Split toe

Unawareness of the mechanics of the hoof and the use of improper tools brought this precious broodmare to our rehab facility on 04/15/2009. The mare’s front hoof was dramatically deformed as a result of different hoof mechanics working against each other. The hoof was completely split in two, indicated by the gaping crack and the [...]


Years and years of continuous shoeing and covering up the massive thrush and canker in more than one corium led to the condition the hoof was in when the horse was brought into our care. The horse suffered from severe lameness which improved at once after the loose sole had been completely removed and the [...]