When do I need a DIfHO® Hoof Orthopedist?

For the long term health of your horse’s hooves you need the regular care of a DIfHO hoof orthopedist who will keep the hooves in overall good health and treat the cause of problems should there be any.

Experience has shown that intervals of 4 weeks achieve the best results. In some cases, shorter intervals may be necessary. Your hoof orthopedist will advise you on this.

Horse owners often find out about hoof orthopedics by Jochen Biernat after a long and painful time of trial and error. In many cases, lameness and pathological changes of the hoof are the primary reason for contacting a hoof orthopedist.

Navicular disease, joint or cartilage disease, laminitis and abscesses are common diagnoses in the daily life of a hoof orthopedist. For the most part, these phenomena are caused by deformations of the hoof. Therefore it is helpful to look for a correct assessment of the hoof before the horse shows lameness or other symptoms.

Lines, cracks, bruises, deformations of the hoof wall, ‘white line disease’ and thrush are all signs of trouble which should be uniquely understood and treated accordingly.

Practitioners of Jochen Biernat’s Hoof orthopaedics implement preventative measures by educating horse breeders, riders and horse owners about physiologically sound hoof shapes and pathological deformations. This includes consultation in raising foals and young horses, e.g. which ground surface to keep them on for hoof health and the timely trimming of the foal’s hooves.

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