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Does your horse need shoes?

Metal shoes provide protection from abrasion when the abrasion rate exceeds the rate at which the hoof can grow new horn material. This condition was common in the past and occurred when horses were used for hard labour for many hours a day presenting shoeing as an indispensable option. Today many horse owners have come

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Fissures and cracks

This horse came to its current owner in 2010 with quarter cracks on both sides of both front hooves. Over the course of several years many efforts of repairing (different kinds of iron shoes, silicone, glue, etc.) were undertaken but in the end they only made the condition worse. The fissures and cracks did

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Crack in the side wall

This hoof had a fissure in the quarter for 8 years which developed into a deep crack through the mechanics in the toe and the heel which were working against each other. This hoof condition caused the horse to go lame. Through hoof orthopedic work, treating the forces causing the cracks and thus returning the

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Recurrent canker

This horse was brought to the facility because of recurrent canker. As a therapeutic measure the veterinarian had ordered to shoe the horse with special iron shoes which were designed to apply pressure to the tissue above the diseased area to keep the canker from spreading. The photos show the actual consequences of these truly

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Canker in the sole angle

The horse came to the facility because of canker in the lateral sole angle and treated for the first time on 04/07/2009. (Photo 1) When accessing the diseased area, it proved necessary to open up the neighboring corium since it was affected by the canker as well. (Photo 2) All tissues affected by the canker

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Partial resection of the quarter

This horse entered the facility with a partial resection of the quarter because of canker in the left hind foot. The photos from 07/09/2009 and 08/29/2009 clearly illustrate the rapid healing process of only 7 weeks in clinical care.

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Canker affection the corium

This horse suffered from canker in the corium of the frog. After removing the special iron shoes, a degenerated corium was discovered underneath a soaked bandage. The chronology shows how rapidly the healing progressed after the affected corium had been treated appropriately.

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Canker on hind feet

Entering treatment, the stallion had canker on both hind feet. The right hind hoof is used as an example to show the healing process. As usual, improving the overall condition of the hoof was crucial, while being accompanied by the proper care of the diseased corium. As can be seen on the photos, the medial

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Inflammation of the tendon sheath

The mare was lame when entering the facility. She had been diagnosed with inflammation of the tendon sheath by her owner, a veterinarian. Treatment in the facility was cut short after 5 months because of private reasons of the owner. Still, the photos can give you an impression of the result of the hoof orthopaedic

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Quarter crack

The horse’s owner stated that the horse had suffered from chronic and sometimes severe lameness for several years. The consulted veterinarian and the farrier had recommended the horse being euthanized. When the horse came to our facility it was unable to put any weight on the left front hoof. As can be seen on the

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Split toe

Unawareness of the mechanics of the hoof and the use of improper tools brought this precious broodmare to our rehab facility on 04/15/2009. The mare’s front hoof was dramatically deformed as a result of different hoof mechanics working against each other. The hoof was completely split in two, indicated by the gaping crack and the

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Deformed hooves

This stallion, who showed strongly impaired movement, was European Champion and winner of the silver medal in the World Championship when he came to us in 2008. Probably in order to ensure his participation in tournament season, the completely deformed and useless hooves had been repaired with artificial hoof horn. In addition to concave toe

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