Contact Info

All active Certified and pre-Certified* DIfHO® Hoof Orthopedists can be found in the drop down menu.

If there is any difficulty contacting your nearby DIfHO® hoof orthopedist please contact:

Jochen Biernat: Phone +496533-93293, +49172-7047856, or.
Angelika Engelmann: Phone +492238/51816 (AB)

* hoof orthopedists that have successfully passed the intermediate exam whose certification is pending.

Hoof fotos

Very useful in an advisory to the first assessment of the situation is the production of meaningful hoof fotos which you please by prior arrangement on CD etc. send to hoof orthopedics your choice or directly to Jochen Biernat

Instructions on creating the photos, see “Photo Instruction for meaningful Hoof Fotos