The dorsal view of this very lively mare’s front hooves give you a clear impression of the catastrophic influence of impaired hooves on the statics of the legs and the surrounding tissues. Here, special emphasis has to be put on the deformed coronet and the irritation of the sensitive tissues above.


On 01/01/2009, after the iron shoes were taken off and cushioning favorable to hoof orthopedic treatment was used. One can discern the first signs of a subsiding of the cracks in the coronet after only 14 days in our care.


Dorsal views from 01/23/2009. You can see that the first steps of improving the shape of the hooves has stopped the cracking of the wall.


On 03/08/2009, the cracks which reached up into the coronet 8 weeks prior have grown down almost an inch. Looking at the intact horn growing from the coronet, it can be concluded that the first hoof orthopedic treatment effectively stopped the wall from cracking further.

I want to point out that these results were achieved through hoof orthopedic treatment only, without special feeds or any substances for external use.


These photos were taken 05/24/2009. They show that the healing process continues as expected. Wenke never had any problems with her hooves and enjoyed running free in the pasture on a daily basis from the beginning of treatment.

Since then 5 months have passed and the cracks that reached up into the tissue above the coronet have now grown down 2 inches. Wenke has only a short way to go with us before she can be released.