This horse came to its current owner in 2010 with quarter cracks on both sides of both front hooves. Over the course of several years many efforts of repairing (different kinds of iron shoes, silicone, glue, etc.) were undertaken but in the end they only made the condition worse. The fissures and cracks did not grow out and the horse was beginning to go lame. The condition of the hooves became more and more unpleasant for the horse. X-rays showed that the cracks had penetrated the entire hoof wall.

In 2014, the horse’s owner decided to change to barefoot hooves with the help of a DIfHO® hoof orthopedist in training, even though she was warned that the hooves „could break apart“ were the shoes taken off.

With hoof orthopedic treatment and adapted trimming intervals the negative physical forces which were to blame for causing the cracks could be managed and the hoof horn was directed in the correct way.

During rehabilitation the horse could not be used for riding since walking on the previously produced poor quality hoof horn had become very unpleasant.

The success of the treatment shows that the decision to deal with the cause of the problems and letting the horse recover was the right thing to do.

Shown here are the medial hoof walls of both front hooves in intervals of approximately 4 months.

The last 4 pictures show the condition of the lateral walls before and after treatment. The rehabilitation process is not finished yet but the success of the treatment can be seen when looking at the newly produced hoof horn.