What is a certified DIfHO® Hoof Orthopedist?


All fully Certified and Pre-Certified DIfHO® Hoof Orthopedists can be found in our Directory.

All of our hoof specialists receive training at the German Institute for Hoof Orthopedics (DIfHO®) in the methods of founder Jochen Biernat. They all participate in at least four mandatory advanced training classes each year at the DIfHO. This strict system ensures that  DIfHO® hoof orthopedists are up to date in their knowledge and abilities and are also current in latest findings and methods of Mr Biernat in regard to their work on the horse’s hoof.

Orthodpedists that have received and participated in their yearly advanced trainings receive a current seal on the member ID.
Since 2016 the badges have a new design but the old ones still retain their validity.

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Our trained hoof orthopedists are represented all over Germany and other countries in europe

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list of all hoof orthopedists